Founded in the year 1966, Hospital Del Prado is one of the first hospitals to provide medical specialties. It is highly prestigious in Tijuana with over 40 years’ experience.
It has one of the best Emergency Departments and the medical team working to handle various specialties have earned a reputation of being some of the most qualified in their field.


The facilities at the hospital are state of the art thanks to regular renovations and upgrades that have ensured that even though the buildings are old, they are in good condition and modernized.

The hospitals lab is fully equipped with the latest technologies and facilities including an emergency and isolation room. It has six operating rooms as well as one separate operating room set aside for deliveries. There are 24 private patient rooms as well as intensive care units.

They also have clinics within the hospital that are clean and the physicians who attend to patients from the clinics come highly recommended. Patients can make appointments if they require to see a specialist at the clinic or if you prefer consult with a general practitioner.

The hospital has also gone through significant expansion with state of the art modern buildings creating a big beautiful campus with adequate space and facilities. One of the things most individuals commend about the hospital is the layout and signage that makes it easy for anyone visiting the hospital to find their way.

The main hospital facilities include:

  • Delivery and operation rooms
  • Emergency unit
  • Semi-private and private recovery centers
  • A modern and fully equipped ICU
  • Recovering wing
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Fully stocked pharmacy
  • Isolation ward
  • Laboratory
  • Massive waiting room with comfortable and ample seating space.
  • A huge cafeteria offering a wide range of local and international delicacies.

Services Offered

Hospital Del Prado addresses all health matters from pediatrics, cardiology, urology, gynecology, and bariatric treatments. As more patients are traveling from other parts of the world to seek bariatric surgeries in Mexico, the hospital has had to create a bariatric center that is fully equipped offering some of the best service you could ever find in

Tijuana. Some of the services offered at Hospital Del Prado include:

  • A wide range of bariatric surgeries from sleeve gastrectomy, to gastric bypass, lap band among others.
  • Traumatology that involves addressing patient needs of individuals that have experience physical and/or psychological trauma.
  • Cardiology services that seeks to address medical challenges focusing on the heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Plastic surgery that offers both aesthetic and medical plastic surgery to patients.
  • Orthopedics that includes rehabilitation and physical therapy provision to patients (both inpatient and outpatient).
  • Stem cell therapy and research is instrumental in treating various ailments. The most common type of stem cell therapy is bone marrow transplant therapy, derived from one’s umbilical cord blood. It is used to treat many blood disorders and ailments such as leukemia.

If you’re a medical tourist in Tijuana, Mexico, Hospital Del Prado should definitely be in the list of the hospitals you’re hoping to get treatment from.