Hospital Mi Doctor is situated in Tijuana Mexico, a few blocks shy of the US/Mexico border. It is a full-service facility equipped with state of the art facilities and proficiently trained staff.

Currently, the hospital is one of the premier bariatric centers in Tijuana offering a broad range of bariatric surgeries and procedures.


The hospital has invested heavily in state of the art facilities that ensure both staff and patients are in a conducive and safe environment. These include:

  • A radiology department (in-house)
  • Fully equipped laboratory
  • Two modern operating rooms
  • Two cafeterias: one of the main floor and another on the third floor
  • Endoscopy suite
  • A state of the art water purification system
  • A comprehensive backup generator system
  • Secure parking underground
  • A fully stocked pharmacy
  • Functional and spacious elevators
  • An intensive care unit
  • 800 customer care line that is used to make calls to Canada and the US.

Services Offered

All the doctors at the hospital have the highest levels of credentials and are experienced in a full range of bariatric procedures. Some of the proceedings include:

Gastric Banding

This method involves placing of a band around the stomach’s upper part to create a pouch in which food is held. The group, in essence, controls the amount of food one can eat by making you feel fuller, and therefore you end up eating smaller amounts of food.

Gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery involves cutting about 80% of one’s stomach leaving just a small part which is stapled. The remaining stomach is much smaller allows you to eat small portions of food and eventually lose weight. Research shows that about 60% of excess weight is lost within a year after the surgery.

Gastric Bypass

This is one of the most common bariatric surgeries. Results highly dependent on one’s ability to follow the recommended diet and exercise plan after surgery. Studies have shown that patients can lose between 60 and 70% of their excess weight within the first year and 77 to 83% within two years after having surgery. One study showed that individuals with obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes type 2 had a 95% improvement rate after gastric bypass surgery.

Bariatric surgery amendments

Sometimes after bariatric surgeries, the body either fails to adapt, or complications develop from surgery that requires medical attention which could be in the form of other surgeries. Although all bariatric surgeries have a relatively high chance of success, there is always a small chance of complications or severe side effects that require corrective treatment and surgery. The could include abscess, leaking, hemorrhaging, etc.

Duodenal switch

This is a two-step procedure that incorporates both gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures. Weight loss success rate within the first year following surgery stands at between 70 to 80%.

Hospital Mi Doctor is one of the hospitals with the highest success rate on bariatric surgeries in Mexico.


While most bariatric hospitals in Mexico have different prices for both local and foreign patients, Hospital Mi Doctor applies the same charges for both locals and foreigners.
Looking for the best affordable medical care in Mexico, Hospital Mi Doctor might be just what you need.