INT hospital is fully equipped health facility with the latest technologies in medicine. Its operating rooms and patient rooms are sophisticated, modern and sparkling clean. The hospital offers the best prices for bariatric, laparoscopic and plastic surgeries, performed by the best specialists in Mexico.

Weight loss surgery experts strive to work in this hospital as it is well founded as one of the best in the region. It has fully equipped operating rooms, 20 beds, and an ICU. The hospital is well known for medical tourism and has bilingual staff that caters to both local and foreign patients.


The team of doctors and clinicians at this hospital are highly skilled and experience. Most individuals agree that they are professional and attentive to patients’ needs. The language barrier is not an issue because most staff members at the hospital are proficient in both Spanish and English languages. More to that, an interpreter on call can step in at any time to help ease communication for anyone.


When it comes to affordability, the INT hospital in Tijuana is one of the most affordable hospitals, offering the best bariatric services and aftercare programs. They have in place excellent packages that suit the needs of various individuals. They can also provide a payment plan option on request for people who might have difficulty paying for treatment at a go.

The aftercare program is also very affordable. However, some patients prefer to get post-surgery care in the USA to cut on hospitalization costs. If you decide to go for an outpatient aftercare program, the hospital can help you find an apartment in Tijuana that is affordable and readily available from the hospital. The cost of living in Mexico is lower than in the US, so this option is favored by a good number of people.

Head Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Jaime Ponce de Leon is the lead bariatric surgeon at the INT hospital. He has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries over the years, and many other doctors working there have trained under him. His experience in bariatric surgeries ranges from gastric banding, gastric sleeve, and revision surgeries. His training stems from France and the USA, and his certification allows him to perform surgeries in both the United States and Mexico.


Although INT hospital is best known for bariatric surgeries. It provides the following bariatric surgeries:

  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Mini gastric bypass
  • Single cut bariatric surgery
  • Anastomosis duodenal Switch (SADIS)
  • Duodenal switch
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Revisional surgeries.

Since inception, INT hospital has continued to get great reviews from both local and international patients. They have managed to uphold an excellent reputation, and where issues arise, the hospital’s management is quick to resolve them. It is one of the hospitals with the most professional staff in all of Mexico. They are not only attentive but polite, with exceptional communication skills.

If you are considering getting your bariatric surgery done from Tijuana Mexico, INT hospitals are one of the hospitals that you must take into account.